Classroom tablet math program

PreK to 1st Grade

Research shows that children that play Math Shelf just 20 minutes per week learn up to 1.5 years more mathematics than comparison students.

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Learn how to implement Math Shelf to supplement your classroom mathematics program.

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Discover how when students work at their own pace and level they excel.

"My children cheer when its Math Shelf time."

Ellen Velazquez, Kindergarten teacher, Mt. Dialblo Unified

"Math Shelf has been a tremendous gift to our preschoolers."

Edna Carmona, Redwood City Preschool Director

"I've seen incredible number sense learning with Math Shelf."

Elizabeth Lopez, Kindergarten teacher, Rialto USD

"Math Shelf is perfect for my dual immersion class."

Zaida Ha, Kindergarten teacher, Joe Serna Jr. Charter School

"Thumbs way up for Math Shelf! My students have been playing for six months, and beg to play every day."

Erica Bristor, PreK Teacher, Aldine ISD

"I'm impressed with the math children are learning from Math Shelf."

Professor Deborah Stipek, Stanford University

"We are thrilled to have our Kindergarten students using Math Shelf. It's a great differentiation tool."

Dave Plaut, Math Coach, Davis USD

"This is our third year using Math Shelf, and our test results keep increasing."

Liz Ramos, Principal St. Michael-Gabriel School

"Every time children have free choice, they choose Math Shelf."

Beti Magana, Kindergarten Teacher, Sacramento Unified

"Parents are amazed at how much math their children are learning with Math Shelf."

Indra Hernandez, PreK Teacher, Redwood City

"I asked my principal for months to purchase Math Shelf. It's amazing"

Theresa Rodriguez, Kindergarten Teacher, San Bernardino School District

"Math Shelf is an incredibly comprehensive and fun program. Kids love it."

Liso To, Director, Chinese Community Center

"Teachers and principals in the Archdiocese of Indianapolis love Math Shelf."

Mary McCoy, Assistant Superintendent, ArchIndy Catholic Schools

"Math Shelf brings a data driven approach to early math teaching and learning."

Linda Reed, Principal, Aldine ISD

"Transitional Kindergarten students and teachers think Math Shelf is the greatest."

Joyce Comstock, TK teacher, Franklin McKinley School District

"Our teachers and students are delighted with Math Shelf. It's an incredible early math learning program."

Dr. Barbara Nemko, Superintendent, Napa County Office of Education

"Instead of just busy work, Math Shelf teaches children math. Our kids are very engaged while playing, as they work on math skills aligned to the standards."

Christina Cordova, Amanecer Primary Principal (LAUSD)

"Math Shelf is helping my students get individualized instruction in a fun technological way!"

Liza Lopez, Elizabeth Learning Center Teacher (LAUSD)

"I am loving Math Shelf. The weekly reports are great for documentation and concrete data. My students and I look forward to using Math Shelf every year."

Teri Bock, Our Lady of Grace Catholic School

"Thanks for the amazing Math Shelf program. It is greatly enhancing my math instruction."

Megan Brink, Kindergarten teacher, Indianapolis