Let us show you Math Shelf

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PreK & Kindergarten classroom tablet math program

  • Teaches number sense
  • Supports ELL Spanish speakers
  • Meets Title 1 Requirements (ESSA highest level of evidenced-based program)
  • Individualizes learning
  • Sequences instruction
  • Progress monitoring
  • Aligned to the Kindergarten Common Core & Preschool math guidelines

Read what educators are saying about Math Shelf

Our teachers and students are delighted with Math Shelf. It's an incredible early math learning program.

-Dr. Barbara Nemko, Superintendent, Napa County Office of Education

Teachers and principals in the Archdiocese of Indianapolis love Math Shelf.

-Mary McCoy, Assistant Superintendent, ArchIndy Catholic Schools

Thumbs way up for Math Shelf! My students have been playing for six months, and beg to play every day.

-Erica Bristor,Teacher, Aldine ISD

I'm impressed with the math children are learning from Math Shelf.

-Professor Deborah Stipek, Stanford University