Purchase Classroom licenses Add Students Spanish & English language
Play Schedule children to play twice a week

Set up your classroom in 5 minutes

Teacher Sign In

Touch the Sign In button if your school purchased a license, or the Try button for a 1-month free trial.

Add Students

Tap the Add Students button, enter each student's name, take their picture, tap Submit, then Play.

Children Play

Students play Math Shelf by touching their picture.

Placement Test

A placement test sets each child's sequence and matches math games to each student's level.

Math Shelf

As students advance, more games populate their Shelf. Games progress from easy to hard (top to bottom, left to right).

Progress Reports

Teachers can see which math skills each student has mastered by reviewing weekly progress reports.

A class license costs less than a cup of coffee a day

Math Shelf runs on iPads, Android tablets, Amazon Fire Tablets, and touch Chromebooks.
  • Full year math program (Pre-k & Kindergarten Common Core)
  • Free home play
  • 1,000+ activities
  • Performance reports
  • On level adaptive learning
  • Cloud-based so data is shared across devices
  • Online 30-minute training to get your teachers started
  • Money back guarantee if not 100% satisfied