Adaptive learning with practice on level for each student in your class


Math Shelf uses a Montessori approach to teach early numeracy, geometry, currency and telling time. This content exceeds the Kindergarten Common Core Standards.


Placement tests determine where children start, then Math Shelf's adaptive learning provides sequenced instruction to meet each student’s needs.


With over 600 games and activities, Math Shelf provides high interest practice that challenges and motivates children.

Adding Students

Register up to 27 children whose data syncs across iPads to support classroom and home play.

Performance Reports

Math Shelf emails weekly student performance and usage reports to teachers. Tools for principals and district leaders support data driven decision making.

Mobile Hands-on Lessons

As students play Math Shelf, their performance data is used to form groups for differentiated instruction. Teachers receive hands-on math lessons texted to their phones each week.

Over 50 skills taught and growing!

Counting to 100

  • Count with objects
  • Count "How many?" in a set
  • Count On from a given number
  • Count by 1s, 2s, 5s, and 10s.
  • Count one more and one less
  • Count down

Numerals to 100

  • Trace numerals 1 to 10
  • Order numerals 1 to 100
  • Represent numerals with objects
  • Insert missing numerals in the number sequence
  • Match numerals to objects

Comparing Numbers to 100

  • Compare sets
  • Compare numerals
  • Determine greater than, less than, equal to
  • Sequence numerals least to greatest


  • Identify two dimensional shapes
  • Sort two dimensional shapes
  • Recognize shapes regardless of size or orientation
  • Identify three dimensional figures
  • Compose shapes from other shapes
  • Models shapes in the world


  • Addition with objects to 6
  • Addition counting on to 6
  • Addition with numerals to 6
  • Addition word problems to 6
  • Add 1, 2, doubles
  • Addition with objects to 10
  • Word problems to 10
  • Combinations to 10
  • Addition with numerals to 10
  • Add 5 or 10 to a given number

Place Value

  • Count groups of 10
  • Represent 11 to 19 (10s & 1s)
  • Decompose numbers 11 to 19 into 10s and 1s
  • Represent 10 to 100 (10s & 1s)
  • Sequence numbers 1 to 100
  • Decompose numbers 10 to 100 into 10s and 1s


  • Subtraction counting back
  • Subtraction removing objects to 6
  • Subtraction with numerals to 6
  • Subtraction word problems to 6
  • Subtraction with objects to 10
  • Subtraction word problems to 10
  • Subtraction with numerals to 10

Time & Money

  • Tells time to the hour and half hour
  • Matches coins to values
  • Adds coins to purchase items and solve word problems
  • Makes larger coins from smaller coins
  • Compares coin values
  • Makes change