Math practice anytime, anywhere guaranteed to increase young children's achievement

Math Shelf is a Silicon Valley company whose mission is to create evidenced-based iPad mathematics software for young children.


Math Shelf is the first proven iPad app (through a randomized controlled trial) that significantly increases young children's mathematics achievement. In just three months, preschoolers who played Math Shelf learned one-year more than similar students participating in classroom math instruction.

Replacing Worksheets with Games

We aim to replace paper worksheets with fun games, puzzles and virtual manipulatives inspired by Maria Montessori, developmental theory, and evidenced-based early number interventions. Our research demonstrates that children participate in significantly more math practice, and receive significantly more effective feedback when playing Math Shelf compared to the mathematics activities they complete in class.

Math Practice Anytime, Anywhere

Math Shelf is a mobile early childhood mathematics curriculum that provides practice anytime and anywhere on iPads. Our curriculum is aligned with the Common Core Standards and presents over 250 sequenced instructional activities. Children can log on and play Math Shelf at school, at home, or on the go.

Money Back Guarantee

If your students don't love Math Shelf, we will refund your purchase in full.